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LITS is a logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions.

The rules of LITS are simple:
You have to place one tetromino* in each region in such a way that:
- 2 tetrominoes of matching types cannot touch each other horizontally or vertically. Rotations and reflections count as matching.
- The shaded cells should form a single connected area.
- 2x2 shaded areas are not allowed.

* Tetromino is a shape made of 4 connected cells. There are 5 types of tetrominoes, which are usually named L, I, T, S and O, based on their shape. The O tetromino is not used in this puzzle because it is a 2x2 shape, which is not allowed.

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6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 12,559,120
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 7,908,875
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 24,610,383
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 10,185,496
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 16,196,382
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 23,114,504
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 13,206,307
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 2,820,076
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 16,914,451
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 951,043
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 16,497,032
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 305,658
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 16,378,711
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 2,291,755
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 24,693,894
6x6 Normal LITS Puzzle ID: 13,838,502

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